Review of In Empires and Embraces by Author Sai Marie Johnson

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***** (5 Stars) Intrigue and Romance Entwine to CaptivateIn Empires and Embraces by Sai Marie Johnson Book Cover

Sai Marie Johnson weaves a tale of intrigue and romance that captivates you from the very beginning. Xenocrates and Caecelia did not meet under the most auspicious of circumstances; however, they were both still able to see the positives and strengths in one another. Caecelia is a feisty and strong-willed woman who learns that unbeknownst to her, she has been living a lie her whole entire life. Caecelia’s attitude was portrayed beautifully and even though she clashed with Xenocrates, a quintessential stubborn warrior in the beginning, they both fell prey to love. I thoroughly enjoyed the development of Xenocrates and Caecelia’s relationship. This was the perfect read for a day at the lake. I would highly recommend this to anyone else looking for a historical romance that isn’t like all the others.

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Review of Chase (The Chase Saga Book 1) by Kiara Delaney

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**** (4 stars) Enjoyable read with interesting love triangle.Chase (The Chase Saga Book 1) by Kiara Delaney

Chase by Kiara Delaney was an enjoyable read. Cassidy Arbor believes herself to be in love with her fiance, Jason McNamara, even though sometimes she feels things aren’t quite right and all the feelings you should have for the man you love aren’t there. Her best friend, Janice, believes Jason is a controlling jerk who belittles Cassidy every chance he gets, and is completely wrong for her. An accidental encounter with an unkown man; Cassidy’s eyes meet his from across the room and it is as though they are the only ones in the room, and Cassidy begins to second-guess her feelings and wonder if Janice isn’t right.

Cassidy decides it is too late to explore a different relationship as she is engaged to Jason; besides, she will never see this man again. Thus begins the main conflict. Cassidy is caught off-guard when she meets Jason’s parents – the unknown man is there, and he is Jason’s brother, Chase!

The narrative alternates primarily between two points of view – Cassidy and Chase. We see their inner turmoil and struggles as they both try to fight their growing attraction to one another, keep their own secrets, and become privy to the secrets of others. As events unfold, Cassidy and Chase find themselves with even more difficult choices to be made.

Although I found it a bit difficult at times to follow who the narrator was, especially when Janice, Cassidy’s best friend, took on that role, this was still a wonderful and enjoyable read. The characters were all very well-developed. I enjoyed how Ms. Delaney portrayed her characters in such a way that not only could I relate to them, but I could “feel” their inner struggles and their experiences.

I look forward to reading Chase 2, the next book in the Chase Saga and discovering if Cassidy will find that happily ever after and true love that she has been searching for.

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