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Why Do I Need An Editor To Edit My Book?

Editing is about enhancing and polishing your book manuscript by eliminating any possible grammatical errors, typos, or other mistakes. Editing can help ensure your final manuscript for your book is well-written, engaging, and enjoyable for your readers.

Readers respect works that are both well-written and carefully edited. What if your readers can spot grammatical errors, typographical errors (typos), and/or other errors that you didn’t know were there?

Every mistake in spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar—anything that interrupts the smooth flow of ideas or detracts from an enjoyable reading experience—can be a possible liability; enough errors can mean poor reviews (that often focus on errors not the story line or characters), slow growth of new readers, and failure, regardless of how hard you worked and how well-developed your characters and story line are.

Reasons For Editing

Everyone makes mistakes. After all, we are all human. Editing can make an immense difference. Even small mistakes can change the meaning of what you are saying or be embarrassing—especially when you want your work to appear professional.

Some examples of these types of mistakes are:

  • missing letter in a word: desert vs. dessert; puding vs. pudding
  • simple typographical errors: hte (the); freat (great)
  • homonyms: accept/except; than/then; affect/effect; two/to/too; their/they’re/there; you’re/your; principle/principal
  • missing or misplaced punctuation: Jen finds inspiration in baking her cat and her painting. vs. Jen finds inspiration in baking, her cat, and her painting.