Why can’t I just use the spelling and grammar check features of my word processor to edit my book?

Ask any English teacher – they just do not work that well. These features will not find errors in the use of homonyms (i.e., to/two/too; their/they’re/there) or identify words that are spelled correctly but are not the word you intended to use. Additionally, spelling and grammar check features will not tell you why something is being highlighted as an error or how to fix errors.

How does the editing process work?

After your book has been submitted to XterraWeb, we will begin the editing process immediately. Our editing process is a combination of what many editors see as two separate processes – proofreading and copy-editing. We carefully review your book under all of the parameters included in our editing process and make changes, modifications, and suggestions per these guidelines. Once the editing process is completed, your book is returned to you. You have the option to accept or reject any or all changes. This is your book, not ours, and we keep that in mind at all times. To learn more about how XterraWeb’s editing process works and what is included in our editing services, please read Our Editing Process.

What is an ISBN, and why do I need one?

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number, and a new one is issued for every new book that’s reproduced. If the title, publisher, author, publication date, or format is changed, a new number is issued. This means that if you were going to have your book in both e-book format and print format, you would need two ISBNs – one for the e-book and one for the print book. You need an ISBN because all bookstores, libraries, and book databases use these numbers to keep track of their books. Without an ISBN, you will only be able to sell your book to individuals.

Who owns the copyright on my book?

You do. Your book is yours. If you like, you can register the copyright with the United States Copyright Office at copyright.gov. You will want to read through the information on registering a copyright and then download and complete Literary Form TX. You can submit your application for registering a copyright electronically or by mail. There is a fee to register a copyright.