Beyond Terra by R.V. Johnson

Beyond Terra by R.V. Johnson. Flow of Power series novella

Title: Beyond Terra
Series: The Flow of Power, novella
Author: R.V. Johnson
Publisher: Lost In New World Publishing
Genre: Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery), Science Fiction
Release Date: January 1, 2016

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Enduring Hardship. Treachery. Mind Over Mind.

When things—dark things—swoop and crawl from the pollution, the time for action is nigh. Trenton Bonner is just the one to attempt saving the realm. A lifetime of using his arms as legs gives him the strength. Losing everyone dear provides the desire. Desperation and underground technology offer a way, though a perilous one. He has to leave his familiar biosphere.

What he discovers beyond Terra he could not have prepared for.

Hurled into a tumultuous land of magic users, surviving its dangers and deceptions will require all Trenton’s growing power. A world that hungers for what he holds.

A stunning science fiction fantasy novella set in the Flow of Power series. Get your copy today!