The Cascaders by L.M. (Lisa) Glenn

The Cascaders by L.M. (Lisa) Glenn

Title: The Cascaders
Author: L.M. (Lisa) Glenn
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2016

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Perceforest is a world of cats…

Were-cats to be exact. When seventeen-year-old Desiree Hawkin’s infuriating little brother, Jayden gets sucked into it, she jumps in after him without hesitation. Sure, he’s a pain but he’s still her little brother, right? This strange new world reveals wonders she never thought possible. Were-cats living together in more harmony than humans, even with a war raging against flesh eating rats.

It’s not the other world that holds the biggest shock for her though, it’s the fact that her father knows of it and he has been experimenting on one of them. So she embarks on a rescue mission to free one from her father’s Lab.

And then there’s Mihael, a werecat like none other. He has the power to change not only himself but her as well.