Dante-Part One by Jennifer Sage

Dante-Part One by Jennifer Sage. The Guardian Archives Book 3. Edited by Kelly Hartigan of XterraWeb.

Title: Dante-Part One
Series: The Guardian Archives, Book 3
Author: Jennifer Sage
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Release Date: October 30, 2014

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**Disclaimer** There are extreme examples of sadistic behavior in this book that could be triggers for some who have suffered from domestic violence. There is also adult language and a ton of sexual content that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.**

Dante, the second-eldest Guardian of the White and an Immortal, has spent more than a thousand years destroying the Demons and Shadows that walk among us. After so many years of fighting, he has lost his compassion for humans and only finds pleasure in his art, his lovers, and killing Demons. The only love he knows is for himself and his native Italy. Until he meets her, his ancient soul had not known what it means to truly love someone greater than himself.

Giovanna is a Mortal Artist who ran from the evil that lurked in the darkest recesses of her husband’s soul. In spite of the nightmares that plague her, she finally embraces her new life in Italy. All she wants is to live a quiet life and create her art, but then she meets him—a man who could change everything. Now, everything she thought she knew about herself is changing, including the shadows that linger in her eyes and the stain on her heart she believed was permanent.

Zaqar, a lost soul that has had everything taken from him is about to emerge from the shadows. Sanity has fled this celestial being and he will take back what was taken from him so very long ago. Blood rims his once clear eyes and flows freely as he enacts his revenge.

The Prince was here in the beginning and will be here until the end of days, his motives that began in purity have taken an entirely different turn. He and his Fated One have altered the course of history, and this world.

You know nothing about the beings that surround you and their history. But you’re about to.