Desert Planet by Jim Rudnick

Desert Planet by Jim Rudnick. The RIM Confederacy, Book 6.

Title: Desert Planet
Series: The RIM Confederacy, Book 6
Author: Jim Rudnick
Publisher: Rudnick Press
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: January 30, 2016

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After 55 years of waiting for an answer to the invite to join the RIM Confederacy, the planet Enki has responded with an alternate idea—that the RIM Confederacy join them instead. Captain Tanner Scott is sent on the Diplomatic mission to get the Enkians to reconsider.

What he and the Atlas crew do is to help the new Ambassador to find a way to both diplomatic as well as the Enki into the RIM Confederacy without exposing to them the secret of why that is so important. If the Enkians can be persuaded, the RIM could gain access to the newly discovered metal ores that appear to make a ship invulnerable.

But all of the RIM wants to shortcut the process so the Atlas needs to quarantine the planet as well as maintain full diplomacy with the Enkians. When the Caliphate gets involved and back room deals are made it all comes to a head at the Atlas Adept Officers trial for Terrorism.

Captain Scott will try to defend his officer by acting as his defense counsel–a job that is made even more difficult as the Enkian society and justice system are both hard to learn and hard to navigate within the law…