Enablers Anonymous by Nico Laeser

Enablers Anonymous by Nico Laeser

Title: Enablers Anonymous
Author: Nico Laeser
Genre: Contemporary Fiction (Dark Humor)
Release Date: July 11, 2016

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By now, everyone knows the name James King.

They see me on top of this block-tower pedestal, and it seems they’re all trying to knock it down, scraping away the lies I used to glue it all together.

I went from warehouse loser, worst employee of the month, to self-help superstar and media flavor of the month, using the tried and tested method—fake it until you make it.

What I made was a media monster. Now, an angry mob is at my door, wielding pitchforks and flaming torches, screaming, “Down with the Placebo Messiah!”

Ignore what the critics, and my absentee shoulder angel, tell you—I’m not all bad. Come in and help yourself to the complimentary food, but go easy on the coffee creamer or you’ll be up all night. It’s time for me to confess the true version of my story—I’m about to tell all.*

*including where to find the tastiest breakfast wraps in town.