Revelation by M.T. Harrte

Revelation by M.T. Harrte. Alexis Wolfe Trilogy, Book 1

Title: Revelation
Series: Alexis Wolfe Trilogy, Book 1
Author: M.T. Harrte
Publisher: Immortal Imprints
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Release Date: May 16, 2016 (*Note* This book has since been unpublished and will be re-released at a future date.)

Though her father’s suicide still lingers in her mind, Alexis must put aside her grief and take on the role as Alpha of her werewolf pack. Her new position also puts her next in line to be Queen of the supernatural kingdom, the Dark Court, which needs to be united more than ever now that mysterious attacks have been terrorizing the town. Too bad the current queen, Samira, would rather lie and murder her way through a power trip than step down quietly.As Alexis investigates the murders, she learns corruption isn’t just Samira’s game. Her leadership is questioned by her very own pack, and after a gut-wrenching betrayal, she isn’t sure if anything is worth protecting. But when Samira makes one last assault, Alexis is the only one who can end her reign of terror forever…that is…if she can find something worth fighting for.