Author Reviews and Testimonials of XterraWeb

Here is what our authors are saying about XterraWeb’s editing services.

“Kelly at XterraWeb is a PHENOMENAL editor. I sent in my book to her, and within a week, it was edited, and returned. She is highly professional, yet personable, and is the best at what she does! Her prices are more than reasonable, especially to those that don’t have much money and are starting out. I highly recommend XterraWeb to published and non-published authors alike, (indie or not)!”
-Phoebe Nichols
“Thank you very much for your service. I am very impressed with your work. I will definitely be coming back to you for my future editing needs.”
-Justin Wilkerson
“XterraWeb did a great job on my manuscript. Kelly was fast and extremely professional. The finished product is amazing!”
-Becky Johnson
“XterraWeb is a fantastic editing service. I sent my manuscript in and Kelly edited it quickly and efficiently and answered any and all questions I’ve had about the process. She made sure that I understood the details of the contract, the pricing, and what the editing entailed. I recommend this company very highly!”
-Cyndi Pilcher
“XterraWeb did an amazing job on my MS. It was all explained as to why things should or needed to be changed. Easy to follow. I was very happy with the job she did. Very professional and right there to answer any questions. I highly recommend.”
-Heather Dahlgren