What Does an Editor do & How Can an Editor Help Authors Podcast

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QuestionMan“What Does an Editor do & How Can an Editor Help Authors” Podcast with Authors on the Air

I was a guest with Laurie Bolis, another editor, on blogtalkradio with Pam Stack, host of Authors on The Air, on Tuesday, October 7, 2014. Enjoy listening to the show! It was a great experience with a fabulous host and two amazing authors who called in!

Show Introduction: “I’m an EDITOR.” What does that mean? Tonight on Authors on the Air.
So, just what does an EDITOR do exactly? What IS an editor? We’ll find out tonight when our Authors on the Air Challenge winner, Kelly Hartigan, chats about what she does. If you’re interested in learning about editing, tune in, call in, and ask questions. Maybe you’re looking for editing services?

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Live show date: Tuesday 10/7/2014 at 8:00 PM ET.

From Pam Stack. “If you missed this podcast – you’ll want to go and listen when you get a chance. Editors Laurie Boris and Kelly Hartigan provided some excellent information about WHY you need an editor, WHAT an editor does and HOW an editor can help you with every single thing you write – blogs and author descriptions included. Joining the conversation were authors Jennifer Sage and Angel Cross-Author. Fascinating show. Thank you all!”

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