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Forever Night by A.M. Willard

A.M. Willard, authorAbout the Author

A.M. Willard released her first novella One Night on April 12, 2014. One Night’s genre is Adult Romance with a steamy scene. A.M. Willard is an avid reader of all books from Mystery, Romance, and Erotic. Her love of literature set her out on the life dream of writing and one day publishing. A.M. Willard achieved that goal this year and has started out with a bang. She is looking forward to finishing the series of One Night and then moving onto her Novel in the fall.

A.M. Willard is married to her high school sweet heart, they just celebrated 17 years of pure bliss. They have a 12-year-old son who was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Autism and Asperger’s. He has been such an inspiration to them while teaching them how to see the world through his eyes. He truly has made A.M. Willard a stronger person.

A.M. Willard enjoys communicating with her readers and looks forward to it daily. The fans and followers are what pushes her to write even more.


Book three of three.

*Due to sexual situations, this series is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Reader / buyer discretion is advised.*

All Angela Stephens ever wanted was a career, a faithful husband and a family. When her heart was shattered, Logan Black swooped in to pick up the pieces.
Will a marriage full of secrets and lies hold Angela back from her one true love?

Logan Black has it all, but when he met Angela Stephens he realized what was missing. Will Angela be able to tame the playboy? Will Logan and Angela chose a Forever Night?

Forever Night by A.M. Willard

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One Night, One More Night, and Forever Night by A.M. Willard

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The intensity of the kiss starts to build as I run my hands up the back of his neck and intertwine them in his hair.

Logan lets a low moan escape from his throat. Just as my legs start to become weak, he breaks our connection, saying “Not here. When I have you inside my place, I’ll give you a proper welcome.”

“I’m looking forward to it Mr. Black,” I say breathlessly. As I finish, the doors beep open.

“Come on,” he says, pulling me forward and into the foyer. I look around and the area is all Logan. Black marble tile lines the floor, the walls are almost an off-white. I notice some black and white prints spaced along the walls. I think I’ll examine them further after I’m settled in and have time to fully enjoy the beauty of the art work.

Logan pushes open one side of the engraved double doors and gestures for me to enter first. I take a few steps into the foyer, then hear a click of the door behind me. I go to turn, but before I can, Logan has both hands around my waist backing me up against the strong doors. I can’t move back any further as he has me pressed against those doors. His hard body pushes against me.

“Now, I can welcome you home the proper way,” is the last thing I hear before his lips are back on mine.

Forever Night by A.M. Willard Teaser

Forever Night by A.M. Willard Teaser

Review of “Forever Night”

**** (4 stars) A good ending with a HEA.

This is the third book in a trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. The first two books, “One Night” and “One More Night” should be read first. “Forever Night” picks right up where book two left off. Readers are not left hanging or wondering about anything that might have occurred in between the two books.

Ms. Willard continued to do an excellent job with the development of the characters. Each character has a different personality, and she does a wonderful job making sure readers understand why the characters made the choices they did, even if we don’t agree with or like the choices.

Angela Stephens is a very strong woman. She has taken shock after shock, and still manages to keep focused on what she needs to do for herself. We see her strength several times. The first time is when her soon-to-be ex-husband is in a car accident and faces an unexpected loss. Angela comes to the rescue and steps in taking care of things she should not have to. The second time occurs when Angela has not heard from Logan and he has not returned any of her phone calls. She resigns herself to believing that what she had with Logan was nice while it lasted, but it is over now. She comes to terms with this, and decides she will get over this just like she has gotten over everything else.

Angela gets several surprises in “Forever Night” and realizes that there are times where she doesn’t know everything and the information she does not know can completely change her thoughts and feelings on things. Ms. Willard did a beautiful job describing how Angela and Logan’s relationship progressed. Logan went from your typical playboy to a sweet, sensitive, and caring man. When the sexy Mr. Bartender falls, he falls hard!

We saw more involvement from Tabitha (who has an amazing sense of humor), and I enjoyed how Ms. Willard incorporated more of Tabitha into Angela’s story. Christopher had more of a role in the story than I expected; however, one of my favorite parts was when we finally saw Christopher (aka “the asshat”) get what he deserved.

Overall, this was a good ending with a HEA, but I would have preferred to read it all in one book, rather than three. For me, it would have been more enjoyable to have the whole story in one book.

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