Dream Escape by W.J. Carlson – Cover Reveal

Dream Escape by W.J. Carlson cover reveal on XterraWeb

Title: Dream Escape
Series: Dream Awake Series, Book 2
Author: W.J. Carlson
Release Day: March 7, 2015
Hosted By Author Sandra Love

Dream Escape by W.J. Carlson cover reveal on XterraWeb

Struggling and feeling rejection deep inside when Ben denies Katie the one thing she desires, she starts to second guess herself with a lot of “what ifs” as she tries to figure out what she really wants most. She wonders what would have been if things happened differently. Where would she be right now?

Katie dreams of getting everything she desires, but does it fully satisfy her the way Ben does?

Will her dream reveal the truth of her feelings? Or will she lose it all because she
is selfish and letting her desires rule over her heart?

They say a dream is a wish your heart makes, but is Katie’s heart the one in charge,
or have her natural urges and frustration taken control?

About the Author
Growing up in a small upper midwestern town, it is next to nothing to dream about other places along with who to marry, how many kids to have, and what to be when grown up.
So many hopes and dreams have her imagination running wild. Her greatest dream came true when she became a wife, a mother of three and grandmother of two, with hopes of more grandchildren in the future.

She is a sucker for a good love story. Loves to read and listen to others tell about their love stories.

Take the journey and follow along with her dreams.


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Katie Hayes is a dreamer. Growing up, she dreamt of living on the beach in Malibu and finding the man of her dreams.

Her fantasy came true when she moved into a Malibu beach home with her best friend Sami. Life is fun and exciting until she meets a hot British boy named Ben. He is everything she dreamt of and more, except one thing she wants more and he denies her.

Can she get him to change and succumb to her sinful desires? Or will it push him away?