Dance of the Pink Mist by K.D. Van Brunt

Dance of the Pink Mist by KD Van Brunt. The Cracked Chronicles, Book 2.

Title: Dance of the Pink Mist
Series: The Cracked Chronicles, Book 2
Author: K.D. Van Brunt
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Release Date: February 13, 2015

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In the sequel to Win the Rings, Gray is now a prisoner at Cracked, forced to undergo combat training under the supervision of his nemesis, Jace. He soon learns firsthand why all the other kids at Cracked are scared to death of her, but he also finds a chink in her armor, and they both realize they have an eerie connection to one another.

Gradually, Gray is drawn into Jace’s dangerous world of Special Ops missions, where death waits like a shadow in every corner.

For Jace, Gray poses a new kind of threat. Although she’s proficient in all types of combat, Jace’s training hasn’t prepared her for him, and she is forced to confront feelings she has never experienced before.