Dancing Hearts by Heather Dahlgren

Dancing Hearts by Heather Dahlgren.

Title: Dancing Hearts
Author: Heather Dahlgren
Publisher: Limitless Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2014, October 10, 2017

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Cooper James is no stranger to loss. He hit rock bottom before climbing his way back to the top…

After losing his dad, Cooper’s life spiraled out of control. He didn’t want to face the reality of life without his father, and drinking became his escape. Music was the only thing that saved him. Songwriting and playing guitar changed his life, and he is able to sober up and take control of his father’s bar. His mother still struggles with their loss, though, and Cooper knows he has to be strong for her.

Emma isn’t looking for love, but it isn’t something you can plan…

Emma Harris is a simple girl. She loves country music, her friends, and her family. She hasn’t had the best luck with men, but that doesn’t hold her back from going out and having fun. When she has a chance encounter with Cooper at a concert, the connection is instant, and their mutual passion for music draws them together. When Cooper offers to teach Emma how to play guitar, her love for him only grows deeper.

Everything seems perfect, but every love song has a sad verse…

Cooper’s commitment to helping his mother takes up a lot of his life. Emma wants to be there for both of them, but when tragedy strikes, the music that held their love together suddenly stops, and Cooper must fight to not fall into old habits. Emma has to show him how to keep the music playing in himself, even when nothing else seems to matter.

Music brought them together and sang within them. In the end will it be strong enough to keep their hearts dancing?