Enter Jimmy by Richard Krieger

Enter Jimmy by Richard Krieger

Title: Enter Jimmy
Author: Richard Krieger
Publisher: Arikaye Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Release Date: September 2, 2015

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After announcing the untimely passing of his long-time friend and manager at a press conference, Dr. Jimmy, rock music icon, lead singer and front man of the band that bears his name, quite unexpectedly declares that he is quitting the group. He then leaves the room, as well as public life, and virtually vanishes without a trace. Twenty-three years later when a young reporter tracks down and interviews the reclusive former star, he discovers that death seems to have followed Dr. Jimmy during his career.

Through a biographical narrative, fraught with sex, self-indulgence, betrayal, retribution and against the backdrop of college life in the early 1970s and pop-culture of the seventies and eighties Jimmy reluctantly explains not just why he threw away his career at the peak of his celebrity, but how he grew from a shy, reticent college student who was a failure with women to become a nationally-recognized mega-star and sex symbol. Along the way Jimmy also makes a few astonishing discoveries about himself.