Flawless Mistake by Rachel Woods

Flawless Mistake by Rachel Woods. The Spencer & Sione Series, Book 0.

Title: Flawless Mistake
Series: The Spencer & Sione Series, Book 0
Author: Rachel Woods
Publisher: BonzaiMoon Books
Genre: Romance, Suspense & Thriller
Release Date: September 15, 2015

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Though she was secretly enamored with the idea of romance, Spencer Edwards wasn’t looking for love when she got involved with Ben Chang, a charming businessman who wanted to steal her heart. She was looking for expensive watches or pricey art, something she could steal. Desperate times had forced her to take desperate measures. Stealing was the only way to survive. Instead, Spencer found herself caught up in a dangerous conflict that ended with Ben lying in a pool of blood while she ran for her life.

Haunted by her desperate actions, Spencer resolved never to steal again. Becoming a thief had been a misguided mistake, one she plans to rectify. Just as she starts to turn her life around, Ben returns … he’s more ruthless than Spencer realized and he’s looking for revenge.

FLAWLESS MISTAKE is the prequel novella in the gripping Spencer & Sione romantic suspense series. If you like steamy romance, unpredictable plot twists and thrilling action, then you’ll love this tale of deceit, intrigue, and blackmail!

Discover the two dynamic characters that will come together in future novels in an exhilarating, sexy, dangerous way. Grab your copy of FLAWLESS MISTAKE today!

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