Jake’s Redemption by Karly Morgan

Jake's Redemption by Karly Morgan. The Redemption Series, Book 2.

Title: Jake’s Redemption
Series: The Redemption Series, Book 2
Author: Karly Morgan
Genre: Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2014

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What do you do when your past and your present threaten to collide?

Jake Taylor has a dark and dangerous past that he’s doing his best to get away from but he puts it all on the line when someone very dear to him goes missing. In his search, he starts working at the bar she worked at before she went missing only to run into dead end after dead end. Just before he’s ready to give up and try to find another way to find her, things start happening at the bar to keep him there.

When Megan Connolly starts working at the bar, Jake is irresistibly drawn to her but denies himself the pleasure of getting close to her, knowing that he’s no good for her. Getting close to her would only put her in danger the way he’d put his dear Jaynie in danger and he won’t stand for that at all.