Prophecy by Justin Wilkerson

Prophecy by Justin Wilkerson. The Ghost Wars Saga.

Title: Prophecy
Series: The Ghost Wars Saga, Book 1
Author: Justin Wilkerson
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Release Date: August 1, 2012; March 2015

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Cuzak Rudir is the newly crowned King of the Specter Alliance. His coronation has left the position as head of the military empty. When he decides to promote his longtime friend, Gregor, over his own brother, Destor, the King’s brother takes matters into his own hands. Destor travels to the Alliance’s adversary, Mars, and returns with an enemy fleet and a mind for revenge. Amidst the fighting a discovery is made. A book written generations ago, foretelling the war and depicting Cuzak as a hero with supernatural abilities. Now, Cuzak must come to grips with his role in the prophecy as he tries to protect his people from his traitorous brother. But what is driving his brother’s actions? Is it simply anger or an even more mysterious force, long forgotten by the people of Specter?

Prophecy is the first book in The Ghost Wars Saga, a series that blends the science fiction and fantasy genres into an action packed adventure of spaceships and dragons, lasers and magic.