Reckoning by M.T. Harrte

Reckoning by M.T. Harrte. Alexis Wolfe Trilogy, Book 2.

Title: Reckoning
Series: Alexis Wolfe Trilogy, Book 2
Author: M. T. Harrte
Publisher: Immortal Imprints
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Release Date: July 17, 2016

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In order to repair her crumbling kingdom in the Dark Court, Queen Alexis is forced to confront her painful past. She quickly learns she must go back before she can go forward.

However, news of her nemesis and former queen, Samira, rocks her mental foundation to the core and the throne is the last thing on her mind.

Alexis follows the bloody path left in Samira’s wake. She soon realizes she’ll have to gain allies in hostile territory if she’s to secure her crown and get her daughter, kidnapped by the previous queen, back alive.

With her mission clear, Alexis will stop at nothing, even if it means war. There will be death, there will be destruction … there will be a RECKONING.