Red Moon by JR Cochran

Red Moon by JR Cochran. Book 1 of the Blood-marked series.

Title: Red Moon
Series: The Blood-Marked Series, Book 1
Author: Jennifer Cochran
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Release Date: May 10, 2015

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Deep in the ruins of the United States lay the city of St. Batersburg, the capital of Javin. Only those deemed perfect by the government are allowed to remain in the city; all others are forced to live in the colonies, where conditions are less than ideal with the constant threat of tribal attacks.

Katia is the typical teenager, fighting with her parents, rebelling, wanting to have fun and party. Everything changes on the night of her sixteenth birthday when her life is twisted upside down, and she is thrust into a web of illusions spun up by those she loved.

Take the winding journey with Katia Mcklaine on her way to discover the secrets behind the Blood-Marked.