A SLICE of Truth by Cherron Riser

A SLICE of Truth by Cherron Riser. SLICE series, Book 1.

Title: A SLICE of Truth
Series: SLICE, Book 1
Author: Cherron Riser
Publisher: Luna K Publications
Genre: Science Fiction, Paranormal
Release Date: February 24, 2016

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Run, hide, and don’t let them get you. Once SLICE gets their hands on you, there is no coming back. They take your family; they kill your friends— all in the name of some twisted scientific authority.

Jax and Jericho Masterson saw firsthand what SLICE could do when they came for their parents. Now on the run, the two are struggling to live in a world neither of them has ever experienced. Being raised off the grid in the woods of the Smokey Mountains has left them without the skills needed to deal with human society, but they will learn… the hard way.

Marris Stratford only wanted to be the best big brother any little girl could ask for. He never did anything to call attention to himself, and always tried to do the right thing. Never would he have thought to be the target of a government agency no one had ever even heard of. With a dead heart, he will save his kind, even if it kills him.

SLICE- Supernatural Laboratories for the Investigation of Chaotic Entities