The Watcher’s Keep by Timothy Bond

The Watcher's Keep by Timothy Bond. The Triadine Saga, Book 1.

Title: The Watcher’s Keep
Series: The Triadine Saga, Book 1
Author: Timothy Bond
Publisher: myOstrich Press
Genre: Fantasy (Epic, Sword & Sorcery)
Release Date: November 30, 2014; January 2016

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A thousand years has passed since the war which nearly destroyed the world. Elves, Dwarves and men have become isolated and distrustful of one another. Evil once again grows strong and threatens to send the world into darkness forever.

Are the twins really The Children of Prophecy? Is their quest to recover the Triadine an impossible task? Will the world fall into darkness under the control of the evil wizard Khollaran?

An epic fantasy adventure quest, with world building like Jordan, Goodkind or Eddings. Twists and turns, intrigue and magic, wizards, dragons and more.