What Do You Need to Write – Writing Quote

All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down. Friedrich Nietzche. Writing quote.

What do you need to write? Can you write anywhere with anything? Do you prefer paper or computer? Share your favorite writing medium and places to write in the comments below.

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I wish I only needed any old writing utensil and a piece of paper! I am so picky, and I waste so much time trying to get the perfect writing zone carved out. I’m picky about my writing utensils- pens have to have a certain amount of weight, and have to glide smoothly on the paper….and of course not just any notebook will do, am I in the mood for unlined or lined paper? Bound notebook or spiral bound?
Does the muse want to be written out longhand or should I use my laptop?
See what I mean? It’s quite pathetic.

First, I have to say I love your name, Kelly! 🙂 Yes! The pens have to be just right. I am so picky about the pens I write with that I always bring at least one with me everywhere I go.

Oh my! It sounds like your muse likes to keep you on your toes. I hope your muse gives you some great words to write.

I like to write in notebooks or journals, each one for a different subject or story. It depends on my mood which utensil I use. I can write with a pencil, but I love writing in pen. My pen of choice is usually one of those old Bic pens that leak all over the place if you don’t leave it with the tip of the pen facing up.I like the way they feel on the paper.

Different notebooks or journals for different subjects or stories? I bet that helps with organizing different stories and pulling plots, characters, and ideas together.

Ah, I wish I could turn the world upside down. It does need some turning over, that’s for sure!

Sharing 🙂

Damyanti, you can turn the world upside down. 🙂 I think it depends on how one interprets this quote. Do you look at it as the world as a whole? What if you turned the world upside down for some people or even one person? I think if you write something and can turn the world upside down for one person, you’ve achieved something—you’ve made a difference for one person. Sometimes all it takes is affecting one person. 🙂

I guess it depends – For regular muse like poetry or writing – I like to be connected to a computer. When it comes to a to-do list or such – it has to been pen and paper! More than anything though, I CANNOT do my thoughts on a phone or tablet! You should totally set up a poll for this!

I use pen and paper for most of my lists too. There’s something about the feel of writing with a good pen or pencil on paper. I will occasionally type some notes in a notepad app on my phone, but for the most part, I don’t like writing on my phone. I think the screen is too small to see everything and the keyboard is too small to write as fast as I would like.

When it comes to my “true” writing, the kind where I’m exploring my thoughts or ideas or venting frustration only a paper and pen will do. I’ve been doing every since I can remember.

I wonder if that might be because there is more of a sensory connection between words written on paper with a pen than words typed and displayed on a screen.

While I PREFER writing directly on paper and feel I am most creative when doing so, my hands can no longer take it. They cramp up too quickly. My creativity flows best out in nature, sitting under a tree.

I am with you, Joely. I’d love to write more on paper, but it is hard on my hands. Sadly, I cannot write for as long as I would like that way. There are ergonomic keyboards to help with this, and I wish there was something similar for writing with pen and paper.

Personally, I need paper and pencil. I love to get outdoors and most of the time, for me anyway, a computer won’t do it. When I am on the computer, I feel like I am attached to it and can’t seem to write.

Do you prefer a certain setting or season when writing outdoors, Renee? Do you find the weather, temperature, or scenery can affect the mood of your writing?

Really Im not much of a writer. I am more of a talker. I am trying to get better and I think blogging has helped a bit.

I write with whatever I have when I’m inspired. I’ve written on cardboard boxes and paper napkins.

i definitely agree with this quote!! everytime i write i feel nice and calm