Author Appreciation


How to Support an Author

Without authors, we wouldn’t have books to read. Books mean different things to different people. Books can be a way to discover new worlds, people, and places. Books can teach us new things. Books can be an escape from reality. Books can give us experiences we might normally never experience. Books can evoke feelings.

With as much as a book can give a reader, shouldn’t we show appreciation to the authors who have given us these gifts?

Appreciation for authors could be contacting the author and letting the author know how much you enjoyed their book and why. There are many ways to show appreciation for an author by supporting them.

  • Join their fanpages and participate.
  • Leave reviews (Amazon, Goodreads, blogs, Facebook pages, etc.).
  • “Like” or “follow” on Amazon, Facebook, and other sites.
  • Purchase their work and avoid pirating sites.
  • Sign up for newsletters and follow blogs.
  • Share links and tell your friends.

Special Note From XterraWeb
As both an editor and a reader, we appreciate authors not only for the wonderful books we can read but for the privilege to be a small piece of the journey an author’s book takes.

One way we show appreciation and support for the authors we have worked with is on our blog with a list of the authors we have worked with, their author links, and their book links.

Check out some of the amazing authors we have worked with and their books on our Project List.


Amor Libris (Kelly Hartigan)

Who are your favorite authors? Show some support and appreciation for your favorite authors by leaving their links in the comments.

This is awesome. We authors appreciate all the love and support we get from our fans, families, and editors!

Some of my favorite authors:

Patricia Harris —

Rhoda D’Ettore —

Darren Storer —

An excellent first post Kelly. I had made a selection of blogs to follow for the duration of the challenge but in only two days, two have proved unreliable, so I hope you don’t mind if I adopt you.
I’ll leave links for a handful of Indie authors to keep my list short:
Lesley Hayes –
Eric Lahti –
Patrick (Max) Power –
Sharon Brownlie –
Nico Laeser –

Probably the best thing is to leave an honest review on their Amazon pages. That way other readers will know a 3rd party liked their work!

Great tips to supports the awesome writers out there! I wonder if any of my fave authors have newsletters…

I really never thought of doing most of these. I know I should leave more reviews on their Amazon pages, that would be very helpful to the authors that I frequently read.

This is an awesome guide! I have a friend that just published her first book!

Goodreads is my good to website to find new authors & books. I thinks it is an amazing source for authors.