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Conflicted by Heather Dahlgren***** (5 stars) Romance, secrets, hot sex, and conflict rolled into one amazing read!

Heather Dahlgren does not disappoint with the final book in The Change Series. I have to admit, at one point I wanted to kill this talented author when I encountered some unexpected twists that I never saw coming. However, with the way the story was unfolding, these twists kept me reading. I had to know where the characters’ choices took them and what the future held in store, not just for Dick and Becca, but also for Young and Maddie, from Commitment, and Kenz and Campbell, from Changed.

This was Dick (Keith) and Becca’s story. I felt I knew them before from Changed (book one) and Commitment (book two), but I learned more about them and got to know them better – their likes/dislikes, their personalities, their family life, their secrets – and oh my, does Dick have a secret that will surprise you, but you’ll love it!

I have to say that Dick is hot! Oh my! The things this man can do! There are some pretty steamy scenes, and part of what makes them so hot is the emotion and feeling tied into the sex. It isn’t just sex, these are also intimate, tender moments, but they are some pretty hot and steamy moments!

The title of Conflicted definitely fits Dick and Becca. Dick is a cop, and Becca is a lawyer. They are often on opposite sides with one trying to put a person in jail, and one trying to set a person free. As if that wouldn’t add enough conflict and strain to a relationship, they work opposite schedules, which doesn’t help. Heather did a beautiful job showing the conflicts, how Dick and Becca each dealt with the conflicts, their feelings, and how they resolved the conflicts. There was more insight into Dick’s back story, but it was integral to the story, explaining what made him who he was and developing his character.

Heather has outdone herself in this book. We finally get the story of the last two of the six friends we were first introduced to in Changed (book one). Not only do we get Dick and Becca’s story, but she ties everything up with a look forward to where Kenz and Campbell, and Young and Maddie are. I have followed the characters in The Change Series from the beginning, and feel that I know them personally. The characters are real and genuine, and everything isn’t always perfect. I am sad to see them go, but love that Heather provided a glimpse into the future for all six of the friends. I hope that I might see another book about where the friends from The Change Series are at in the future.

I can’t wait to see what is next from this author. Each book she writes is an unbelievable and enjoyable read. The stories and characters are well-developed, and there is something in each book that resonates with me on a personal level.

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