The Legend of Arturo King by L.B. Dunbar – Review


The Legend of Arturo King by L.B. Dunbar***** (5 stars) Breathtaking modern-day twist on the legend of King Arthur

Wow. I can honestly say this is the best modern-day twist on the legend of King Arthur. It took my breath away, and left me wondering how the characters and their actions would relate to the tale of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. I loved the parallels with the names, the objects, and the characters.

While there are similarities based on the legend between the roles and personalities of the characters, not to mention their names, the characters were still unique. I loved being able to look at the names of Arturo King, Lansing Lotte, Mure Linn, Guinevere DeGrance, the Round Table (the club), The Nights (the band), and more and be able to see not only similar elements but contrasting elements. L.B. Dunbar has done a beautiful job with taking a timeless legend and building a tale of her own.

Her unique voice and perspective of an ancient story in a modern-day setting shines through. I never felt like I was reading a repeat of a story that I have read many times before. L.B. Dunbar kept me on my toes wondering how she was going to make the different connections between the ancient legend and her modern-day story. I didn’t feel like I was reading about people who lived in a time long past, but people that I could easily relate to their feelings, emotions, relationships, and conflicts.

Oh my! Parts of the story, including the ending, definitely caught me unawares! Some small parts of the story were expected due to my familiarity with the legend of King Arthur and his knights, yet L.B. Dunbar still managed to weave some unexpected pieces into the entire story and kept me turning the pages from the prologue all the way to the end.

I can’t wait to see what is next from L.B. Dunbar in the Legendary Rock Stars series!

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