Review of Crossing the Line (Kismet Series Book 1) by Samantha Long

Crossing the Line by Samantha Long***** (5 stars) Perfect blend of sweet and steamy

Crossing the Line by Samantha Long is the perfect blend of sweet and steamy with the development of a genuine romantic relationship between Victoria and Nick. Both Victoria and Nick are reticent about forming a commitment with someone. They both have issues from their past. Nick doesn’t do relationships, or even dating for that matter, and would prefer one-night stands over making a commitment, especially to a woman with baggage and children, no matter how hot he thinks she is. Victoria doesn’t want a relationship after going through a bitter divorce. She had the additional concern of how her daughters will be affected by a man in her life that isn’t their father.

Ms. Long does an exceptional job in describing how their relationship evolves from being thrown together at their initial meeting to the discoveries they make about each other and themselves. Their relationship isn’t all sunshine and roses – they have misunderstanding and disagreements, but they work through them.

An underlying theme of a supportive family who is there for you no matter what is carried throughout the book with the introductions and involvement of Victoria’s parents and sisters, and Nick’s mother and brother. I enjoyed how the family aspect played an important role in both the story and the developing relationship between the main characters. All of the characters were very well-developed. They felt “real” to me. I could understand what they were feeling and could easily relate to their emotions. Ms. Long did such a wonderful job with this, that there were several moments where I began to feel tears forming, or wanted to punch certain people just as much as Victoria’s sister Addie wanted to.

Crossing the Line was a breath of fresh air with a romance that isn’t an instant attraction and just about sex. Yes, there are several HOT scenes between Victoria and Nick, but they are at appropriate points in both their relationship and the story, and are full of emotion and feeling along with plenty of steaminess. I will be watching for more books by Ms. Long and would happily recommend her books to others.

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