Review of Abby’s Vampire (Motor City Vampires #1) by Anjela Renee

Abby's-Vampire_Anjela-Renee**** (4 stars) Vampire Romance with a Twist of Suspense and Intrigue

Abby’s Vampire is a good start to a new series, Motor City Vampires, by Anjela Renee. There was enough background information provided to answer questions, but not so much that it detracted from the main story. The use of flashbacks to explain past events and how those events shaped what was currently happening was handled beautifully.

Abby is a single woman who works from home. She tends to keep to herself and doesn’t believe any man would be interested in her because she has too many curves and at times is very shy. Enter Javon, a sexy vampire, who Abby literally runs into when she is on her way to meet her friend at a bar. Abby is caught off-guard when Javon walks with her to the bar, and later approaches her there.

Abby and Javon feel an instant attraction for one another, but both are hesitant for their own reasons, and attempt to take things slow. Ms. Renee does a good job showing that Abby and Javon want to take things slow, but cannot resist one another and give in to their more intense feelings. When their relationship does move to the next level, the sex scenes are depicted gracefully and in appropriate places in the story.

Not only was there romance between Abby and Javon, but there were hints of possible romantic relationships with other characters. The mystery and intrigue with other characters made this book more than just a romance and added some unexpected twists.

There were a few places that things did not seem to fit perfectly with the main story line, like when Abby was kidnapped by Maurice (a vampire from Javon’s past); however, the flashbacks given earlier explained why this event would occur. There were some minor timeline discrepancies, but they did not affect the main story line.

This book was easily read on a rainy afternoon and I look forward to reading the next books in this series. Ms. Renee has captured my interest with her characters and I am curious to find out what the future holds for Mary, Maurice, Enri, and Sally. I would not mind seeing cameo appearances by Javon and Abby too!

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