Review of One Night by A.M. Willard

One Night by A.M. Willard**** (4 stars) A quick and enjoyable read with some unexpected surprises.

“One Night” by A.M. Willard is a short and quick, but enjoyable read with quite a few unexpected surprises. While an enjoyable read, I felt like the story was a bit short and could have offered a little more detail. Angela and Christopher have been married for a number of years; however, whether they really have a marriage – or even a relationship – is debatable. Their respective jobs require large amounts of travel, and it seems they never travel to the same place, nor do their days at home coincide.

Angela feels it is time for things to change. She needs more from Christopher than a few brief phone calls or a text once or twice a day, if even that. She thinks she would like to start a family, but that would only work if both of them reduce their travel time. The last time Angela saw Christopher was six months ago when they briefly crossed paths at the airport when one was arriving and the other departing. A.M. Willard does a wonderful job describing how unhappy Angela is with how things currently are between her and Christopher, and conveying how Angela attempts to tell herself and others that she has a great marriage and that everything is fine, even though she is constantly wondering why phone calls and texts between her and Christopher are growing fewer and farther between.

While assessing a hotel to find out how to improve their business, Angela continues to think about changing things between her and Christopher, but she can never get him on the phone and he doesn’t reply to her texts. Looking for a way to unwind, she decides to go to the bar/lounge for a drink and a bite to eat – she can also use this time to observe the staff and the management of the bar/lounge. The sexy bartender is extremely helpful and friendly, and asks to join Angela for dinner. Angela feels drawn to Mr. Bartender, but chalks it up to not having been with a man (her husband) in several months. During Angela’s meal, I was given just as much of a shock as Angela was with the phone call she received! It completely caught me off-guard, and I would honestly have to say that Angela is a very strong woman to take the “news” she has been given all in stride. I don’t think I would have been able to keep myself as together, even using the excuse of a stranger in front of me as Angela did. Needless to say, this event triggers Angela’s decision to take Mr. Bartender up on his request for one night with her … one night to show her passion … one night to care for her … one night to take away the pain.

A.M. Willard set everything up beautifully, and throughout the story, I could understand how Angela felt, her feelings, and the reasons for her decisions. Given her newfound knowledge, Angela is accepting of her decision for one night with Mr. Bartender – and what a night it is! Mr. Bartender gives Angela a night like she has never had – hot, steamy, passionate – he makes her come apart with pleasure. Angela is even more okay with her one night when she discovers Mr. Bartender left a note for her before leaving her room when she was in the shower. She won’t have to see him again; after all, it was just one night … or is it?

I was completely surprised when Angela went to her business meeting and discovered that Mr. Bartender was none other than the hotel owner, Logan Black. What does the future hold for Angela and Logan Black? What is in the future for Angela and Christopher? Will Angela’s one night remain one night, or will there be more?

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