Rock Country by K Webster – Review

Rock Country by K Webster Cover***** (5 stars) An intense and emotional read in more ways than one.

From the very beginning, Ms. Webster weaves a story that develops emotional ties between the main characters and readers. These emotional ties were further deepened through our look back into the past at the experiences of Bobby and June from childhood through their early adult years before fate dictated that their paths cross once again.

Ms. Webster has a talent for describing both characters and experiences that not only feel “real”, but are relatable. There were many situations that I had gone through myself, and I was able to both sympathize and empathize with the characters. Not only could I relate to the situations, but the emotions felt by the characters were true and genuine and similar, if not identical, to those I felt myself. I am not ashamed to admit that there were points in this story that I cried – and ugly cried at that.

I thoroughly enjoyed how conflict, lies, truth, and past experiences all inter-mingled to provide an intense and emotional read. In the end, Bobby and June had grown immensely, developed a full-bodied relationship, and gotten exactly what I felt they deserved.

I would definitely recommend “Rock Country” and any of Ms. Webster’s other books to readers looking for an intense, emotion-filled story with well-developed, relatable characters and situations by a talented author.

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