Forest Empire by Jim Rudnick

Forest Empire by Jim Rudnick. Bones, Book 2.

Title: Forest Empire
Series: Bones, Book 2
Author: Jim Rudnick
Publisher: Rudnick Press
Genre: Science Fiction (Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic)
Release Date: June 23, 2016

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Trapped by a tribe of slavers, Javor and his group fight their way free, only to find that one is never truly free. Engaged by the Regime to act as Ambassadors to the Forest Empire, they travel through more than a hundred miles of dense boreal forests only to be warmly received…and then betrayed.

Now slaves, the group is made to work on the building of the new Pyramid, by pulling huge stones to the building site and then up a ramp for construction—and the fact that the project is way behind makes the whips of the guards sting even more.

When faced with watching a youngster die or doing something, Javor chooses to save her life and in doing so a guard dies. That sentences Javor to the cult’s Mid-Summer games where he will try to outrun the spears of the Shieldsmen—and live…or not…