Trade Wars by Jim Rudnick

Trade Wars by Jim Rudnick. The RIM Confederacy, Book 9.

Title: Trade Wars
Series: The RIM Confederacy, Book 9
Author: Jim Rudnick
Publisher: Rudnick Press
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: June 10, 2016

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Infighting among the top two trader planets means more than higher prices and tariff surcharges for the planets on the RIM. In fact, the two are so much at war over those tariffs that they give ultimatums to the Confederacy Council that either they intervene, or they leave the RIM.

Led by the Baroness who really has another goal in mind, the Barony offers up it’s own instant FTL drive to all RIM only members and that means that the trader planets have a choice to make. Serve the RIM Confederacy or themselves; a choice that is further made difficult as the ancient relics found on a newly discovered alien ship wreck on Ghayth mean a change is coming to the RIM—and to the rest of the galaxy too!