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~~Author Interview~~
Cyndi Pilcher, indie author of MG/YA books. The Woodland Adventures, The Critter Adventures, Gem of Krysvaris, and Tales of Llanbriar Crossing. Today’s author interview is with the talented Cyndi Pilcher, author of The Woodland Adventures series. Cyndi writes in multiple genres, focusing on children’s, middle grade, and young adult fiction.

Please welcome Cyndi Pilcher to XterraWeb. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Before we get started, we would like to thank Cyndi for taking the time to give us this interview.

Buy Nita and the Honeybees, book one of The Woodland Adventures series on Amazon.

Amor Libris: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Cyndi Pilcher: I live in North Carolina with my husband and our fur baby. I have two children ages twenty-three and twenty-four and a two-year-old grandson. I write young adult, middle grade, and children’s books. I have always loved fantasy, animals, and nature, and I would like to instill that love in my readers.

Amor Libris: What is your favorite motivational phrase, and why?

Cyndi Pilcher: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."~Gandhi.

This is my favorite because I truly believe this. Only we can change things. We cannot expect everyone else to do it.

Amor Libris: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Cyndi Pilcher: I like to photograph nature, play video games, read, do other arts and crafts, and spend time with family.

Amor Libris: What books and/or authors have influenced you the most?

Cyndi Pilcher: Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Laurell K. Hamilton, Brian Jacques, and Charles de Lint.

Amor Libris: Are there any new authors who have caught your attention?

Cyndi Pilcher.: Gail Carrigar, S.R.Holland, Elle Casey, Madeleine Roux, and Rhoda D’Ettore.

Amor Libris: Can you share the title and blurb of your latest book?

Cyndi Pilcher: My latest published work is Keko and the Lost Bananas, book two in The Woodland Adventures series. It is about a monkey who realizes his bananas have been taken, and he goes on a little adventure through the woods until he finds his missing bananas.

I am currently working on three projects:

  1. The Gem of Krysvaris is a middle grade/young adult fantasy. A novice Earth fairy is prophesied to defeat an elf who was exiled for using dark magic and save her world from falling into darkness.
  2. The Critter Adventures: Animal stories from Cassari. This is a compilation of short stories I am collaborating on with another author, and it follows the adventures of some of the animals and creatures that live in my world of Cassari.
  3. My newest project is a book of short stories taking place in a small village called Llanbriar Crossing. All the creatures in Llanbriar Crossing are anthropomorphic. These are animals that act like humans (e.g., have human characteristics, speak, wear clothing, have jobs, et cetera).

Amor Libris: Who is your favorite character from your latest book, and why?

Cyndi Pilcher: Right now, I don’t have a favorite character from Gem of Krysvaris; however, I really love the main character, Coppershade, and two of her companions, Orchid and Raine. I do not have any favorites from The Critter Adventures, but I have three favorites from the Llanbriar Crossing short stories; those characters are Suzie, the main character, Rebekah Owl, owner of the bookstore, and Bradley Badger, a local author.

Amor Libris: Are any of the characters and/or experiences in your books based upon yourself or someone you know?

Cyndi Pilcher: A couple of the fairies and critters in The Gem of Krysvaris and The Critter Adventures are based on me and my closest friends.

Amor Libris: Can you share with us about what you are working on now or your next project?

Cyndi Pilcher: I am still working on a title for it, but the first story in the collection of anthropomorphic short stories taking place in Llanbriar Crossing is about a young mouse just starting out in journalism for the Llanbriar Review, the village’s newspaper. This story was inspired by a picture my husband found for me to use as a writing prompt one night when I was having a bit of writer’s block. Once I started writing, the words just kept coming, and now my brain is thinking of all kinds of stories with the various characters who have popped up.

Amor Libris: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Cyndi Pilcher: Work hard, don’t give up, and most of all, have fun. Write because you enjoy it and you know in your soul this is what you want to do.

Amor Libris: How can we contact you and find out more about you and your books?

Cyndi Pilcher: For more information on me and my work you can reach me the following ways:

Facebook – Author Cyndi Pilcher
Facebook – Urban Faery Writing
Blog – Cyndi Pilcher
Amazon Author Page

Jim Rudnick, Science-fiction author

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J is for Jim Rudnick, Science-fiction author

Jim Rudnick. Indie author. Science-fiction author. The RIM Confederacy. The Bones series.Introducing Jim Rudnick, Science-fiction author.

Author Bio:
Being a youngster in the 1950’s meant that I was a voracious reader in what has been called the Golden Age of Science Fiction. That meant that for me, my heroes were not on the hockey rink or gridiron – but instead in my local Library where at 12 I had a full Adult card (thanks Dad!) and took out more than 5 books a week.

Everyone from Heinlein, Norton, Leiber, Pohl, Anderson, Simak, Asimov, Brackett, Van Vogt and more….I fell in love with and eventually owned Ace Doubles of my own. While I never knew who wrote the Tom Corbett – Space Cadet series, I fell in love with them and they had a place of honor on my own bookcase too!

With that kind of an introduction to Science Fiction, it’s no wonder that when I got my writing work done, I turned my own fictional side of my brain to writing same. It’s one thing I know to write – and a totally different matter to release same to the world – something that I’ve just started to work on….suffice it to say my own works are rooted in that Golden Age and it’s that era that I’d like to one day be known as a teensy contributor to in some small way.

Visit Jim Rudnick’s website to learn more about the author and his books.

Jim Rudnick has written both non-fiction, which was published traditionally, and Science-fiction, which he is independently publishing. His first Science-fiction series is The RIM Confederacy.

“It was a loose confederation of more than 40 realms that was a place where the detritus of the galaxy ends up … where the inhabitants are for the most part lonely iconoclasts or mavericks or hermits. Stellar worlds and republics, Duchies, Baronies and feudal planets and systems, and more. Aliens and humans combined into one large left-out slice of the galaxy that was more than 25,000 light-years from Earth, from where man had come centuries earlier. And now at the edge of the galaxy, the Confederacy looked outwards … at nothing within reach. Deep space…and the Rim…”
—Jim Rudnick

Pirates (RIM Confederacy, Book1 ) by Jim Rudnick

The RIM Confederacy series currently contains seven books and is available on Amazon for purchase or free with Kindle Unlimited. Readers may also purchase or read for free on Kindle Unlimited, box sets of The Rim Confederacy. Box set one contains books one, two, and three, and box set two contains books four, five, and six.

Book One: Pirates
Book Two: Sleeper Ship
Book Three: Prison Planet
Book Four: Ancient Relics
Book Five: Hospital Ship
Book Six: Desert Planet
Book Seven: Ruined Memories

Jim Rudnick’s Amazon Author Page

New From the Author
In addition to continuing The RIM Confederacy series with additional books set to release later this year, Jim Rudnick is working on a new series, Bones. Book one, Crashlanding, will be released later this year.

Crashlanding, book one in the Bones series, by Jim Rudnick. Coming soon.Sneak Peek at Crashlanding (unedited)

As the first wisps of atmosphere touched the badly damaged explorer ship, the craft was on it’s own AI–the pilot and nine of the ten occupants were already dead.

The only alive human lay in the robo-doc tank in the rear of the ship where he’d been for almost a full week. He had been injured during an asteroid incursion and had been placed in the robo-doc then. Now he lay half awake, half in a stupor, knowing that the rest of the Drake’s crew were probably dead.

Boathi sphere ships had come upon the Drake twenty light years out-wards, and had so severely damaged the ship, that even as the pilot lay dying and he kicked it into AI and called on full FTL, their fate looked sealed.

Read more of this sneak peek on Jim Rudnick’s website page for Bones: Crashlanding.

Author Links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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