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~~Author Interview~~
AshliRoseAuthorToday’s author interview is with the lovely Ashli Rose, author of the Hearts on Fire series. Ashli’s debut novel, “Hearts on Fire,” was released July 3, 2014, and is the first book in this series.

Please welcome Ashli Rose to XterraWeb ~Books & More~. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Before we get started, we would like to thank Ashli Rose for taking the time to give us this interview.

Amor Libris: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ashli: I am a mother, wife, and Pre-K teacher from Northern New Jersey. I have lived here all my life and couldn’t picture living anywhere else. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and I hold a NJ Teaching certificate to teach K-8.

Amor Libris: What is your favorite motivational phrase, and why?

Ashli: Stop wishing. Start doing. This was perfect for me. I had the idea that I wanted to write my book and this past NYE I decided to stop talking and do it. Once I saw this quote, I felt like it was fate. It’s taped on my computer just in case I forget.

Amor Libris: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Ashli: I love spending time with my family. My two-year-old is really into Alice in Wonderland right now so I watch that at least once a day. I love reading and if I’m not writing I can be found reading one of the many books on my TBR list.

Amor Libris: What books and/or authors have influenced you the most?

Ashli: I always loved James Patterson. His Women’s Murder Club series is my favorite. I also love Nicole Edwards. She writes about some pretty sexy cowboys, seven, all brothers. YUM! Whenever I was stuck writing a love scene I would re-read one of her books to get inspiration. That girl can write a sex scene.

Amor Libris: Are there any new authors who have caught your attention?

Ashli: LB Dunbar, A.D. Ellis, Eryn Laplant, Tabetha Thompson and Andie Long are some of my favorite indie authors right now. I have had the pleasure of not only reading their books but becoming close with them.

Amor Libris: Who is your favorite character from your book “Hearts on Fire” and why?

Ashli: Oh boy! Way to put me on the spot. I am going to answer this in two parts, if that’s ok. So, if I am picking from the book Hearts on Fire, it would have to be Gavin. I love how hard he loves and he never gives up. He has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth, but that’s what I love about him. He is so passionate and will do anything for those that he loves. If I am choosing from the whole series, it would have to be Louis. I am surprised to say this, I didn’t think I would come to love him as much as I do. He has Gavin’s passion times 10. I really can’t wait for everyone to read his story.

Amor Libris: Are any of the characters and/or experiences in your books based upon yourself or someone you know?

Ashli: Yes. I am Ava and Gavin is a real person. That’s all I’m saying. But I draw from a lot of my personal experiences when writing. Gavin and Ava’s first date was my first date with my husband, and Ava’s mannerisms and the way she dresses is similar to my style and personality. All the female characters are based off of the women in my life. Ava is me, Bree is my sister, and Elise is a mix of me and my cousin.

Amor Libris: Can you share with us about what you are working on now or your next project?

Ashli: I am working hard on completing books 2 and 3 in the Hearts on Fire series. I am hoping for book 2 to be released in the Fall and book 3 to be released early next year. Book 2, The Law of Love, is Bree and Louis’ story and it is more serious than the first book. There will still be steamy sex, but that is in the background to Bree’s secret.

Amor Libris: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Ashli: I’m no expert, but I would say, never give up. Even if you think no one will read your book, WRITE IT! You will be surprised at who would love to read your story.

Amor Libris: How can we contact you and find out more about you and your books?

Ashli: I love meeting my fans and making new friends.
Twitter: ashlirose11

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