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~~Author Interview~~
Taste Test by L.B. DunbarToday’s author interview is with the talented L.B. Dunbar, author of The Sensations Collection. “Sound Advice,” the first book in this series, was released June 2, 2014. “Taste Test,” the second book in this series, was released August 31, 2014.

Please welcome L.B. Dunbar to XterraWeb ~Books & More~. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Before we get started, we would like to thank L.B. Dunbar for taking the time to give us this interview.

Amor Libris: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

L.B.: I’m a mother of four, and teacher of seventh graders on top of starting this new dream to be a writer. I’ve been accused of having an overactive imagination as if that was a bad thing, but now I feel that imagination is definitely an asset. I’ve also been told I have the personality of a Jack Russell terrier: eager, energetic, always one step ahead. I live in Chicago, and I often question why, since I hate cold weather and only like snow if I can have a snow day!

Amor Libris: What is your favorite motivational phrase, and why?

L.B.: “She may be little; but she is fierce,” by Shakespeare, is my motivational phrase. I believe in signs and this one appeared the day I published. It spoke to me in two ways…I am little in stature, but I’m told my mouth can bring someone down. As for my book and publishing, I was determined that despite being new and unknown, I would persevere. You will know my name and my books.

Amor Libris: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

L.B.: READ!! I am a lifelong reader, especially of romance. I love the fantasy and adventure of getting lost in someone else’s world for a while.

Amor Libris: What books and/or authors have influenced you the most?

L.B.: For reading, it’s always been Jane Austen (yep, I’m that girl), but for writing it’s been the more modern writers of Jay Crownover, Samantha Young, and Kylie Scott. I find that Stephenie Meyer was also very inspirational (yep, I’m that girl too) because of her personal determination to write her story that started as a dream in her head.

Amor Libris: Are there any new authors who have caught your attention?

L.B.: I don’t know how new they are, but I currently love Mia Sheridan and Penelope Ward. I’ve spent the summer diving into all their works.

Amor Libris: Who is your favorite character from your book “Taste Test” and why?

L.B.: Yikes. This is a tough one. I love Ethan Scott. He’s what I call the “next guy,” the one who comes after something traumatic. I think, but I’m biased, that he’s magnetic and he’s patient, and that’s what draws Ella to him, not to mention that he’s hot!! The cover is almost exactly how I envision him. I also love Pam Carter whose story is book 3 in the Sensations Collection, Fragrance Free, but you only get snippets of her in Taste Test.

Amor Libris: Are any of the characters and/or experiences in your books based upon yourself or someone you know?

L.B.: I think all my books include bits of people I know or stories I’ve heard from others. In Sound Advice, I eventually had a student in my classroom who had selective mutism like Katie Carter. It was a bit surreal to write about someone with this condition not aware it was real then have a student sitting in my class who has it. In Taste Test, Ella’s situation is something I am aware has happened to many women in some form or other. And as I’ve hinted at Fragrance Free, I’ll just say that Pam is one of those women who work really hard, yet can’t get ahead and can’t get the guy because she’s constantly filling her void with useless men. That hits home from my younger days.

Amor Libris: Can you share with us about what you are working on now or your next project?

L.B.: My next project is to continue the Sensations Collection (three more sensations to go) and release a new series that involves rock stars that are historically legendary (projected for book 1 in November).

Amor Libris: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

L.B.: Since I consider myself still aspiring and constantly learning, I don’t feel qualified to give too much advice other than GO FOR IT. I was super aware of those feelings like “I hope I don’t make a fool of myself” and “I hope at least one other person likes my story,” but I had to try. For me, it was proving it to myself I could do it. Pushing publish is only half the battle, and the thing I was unprepared for was the self-promoting in self-publishing. Ask questions…I have found tons of people who are willing to support indie authors.

Amor Libris: How can we contact you and find out more about you and your books?

L.B.: Facebook really is the best way to follow me. Message me anytime! I also have a website (www.lbdunbar.com) and a blogspot (www.lbdunbar.blogspot.com). I’m also on Twitter (@lbdunbar), Pinterest (lbdunbar), and Instagram (lbdunbarwrites)

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