Book Cover Design Tips


Book Cover Design Tips

A good book cover is important. Many readers base their decision to buy a book on the cover alone. Your book cover can influence a potential reader’s decision to buy your book and help your book stand out among the other books.

Whether you design your book cover yourself or hire a professional, you still need to do some research, pay attention to basic cover design elements, and ask yourself some questions.


  • Your target reader audience.
  • Features readers like/dislike about book covers in your genre.
  • The covers of popular books in your genre.


  • Be aware of image copyright laws.
  • Know the pros and cons of using stock images.
  • Establish the principal focus of your book cover.
    • Principal focus = motivation, incentive, and emotion behind your characters and story.
    • Principal focus = the element that takes control and receives the most emphasis, space, and attention on your cover.
  • Use fewer images—don’t clutter your cover.
  • Sometimes less is more, whether it is the number of images, the amount of detail in the images, or typography choices.
  • Avoid white backgrounds.
  • All text should stand out.
  • The title font should be large and easy to read.
  • Ideally, only two font styles should be used at a maximum.
  • Avoid using Papyrus, Comic Sans, and other fonts that don’t look professional.
  • Don’t go overboard with text effects (drop shadow, bevel and emboss, glow, stroke outlines).
  • Fewer colors are better.
  • Watch your color combinations.


  • Does the principal focus of my book cover receive the most emphasis?
  • Will my cover still look good at thumbnail size?
  • Will my cover fit with my genre?
  • Will my cover stand out among other books?
  • Will my cover appeal to readers?
  • Will my cover convince potential readers to take a closer look?
  • Does my cover reflect the content of my book?
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    Great tips, especially on less is more and two fonts maximum. I once saw a cover in cursive, glittery script that was put vertically on the side…. Couldn’t read any of the title!

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    These same tips can apply to so many things. Flyers, newsletters, etc. all could benefit from following these same rules.

    These are amazing tips. I don’t know if I’m going to write a book anytime soon, I know that I want to in the future, but I am definitely going to use these tips when designing my cover!

    These are great tips. I have several books/ebooks in the works so I will need to be designing my own covers soon.

    This is something I am going to leave to the pros. When I finish my novel, I’m going to hire this out to a cover designer. I have some general ideas of what I want but no skill to make it happen.

    These are great tips. I am writing a ebook and this is so helpful

    This is great advice! I am going to share this with my author friend.

    I have learned some great tips from your blog today. I did not for once think about book cover designs the way you explained it. I guess I need to work more and implement your tips when mine is ready.

    This is a great check list to go over as you are creating a book cover! Thanks for sharing!

    I feel like writing a book now lol this is such a great idea! thank you so much for sharing!