Scene Transition Tips

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Tips to Transition Time and/or Place

  • Mention the time, day, or date
  • Name the place
  • Describe the place
  • Describe the event
  • Show the character doing something readers already know the character would be doing at a set time and/or particular place.
  • Use transitional words and/or Phrases that Signal Time
    • Later that day, week, or month
    • The next day
    • Two weeks later
    • After dinner
    • The next time she saw him
  • Use transitional words and/or Phrases that Shift Location
    • Farther down Main Street
    • He traveled to
    • The car moved through traffic
    • When they reached
    • In the library

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1 comment

This is a very timely post and will be very helpful as I work on my first novel for Camp NaNoWriMo! As a reader, I know what a good transition should read like. As a writer, it’s easy to overlook key elements. Thank for this breakdown!