What Do Your Characters Feel?

What do your characters feel? Fiction writing tip. Character development. Feelings and emotions chart. Synonyms for feelings and emotions.To readers, the new event isn’t a big deal for your character because your character felt the same way when they were cheated on as they did when the dog peed in the house or they were late to work.

Using synonyms for words that express feelings and emotions can help readers understand more about who your character is through their emotional responses.

Showing the degree or level of emotions and feelings will allow you to further develop your character and show what is more important to them. A character might be upset the dog peed in the house (a minor issue) and frustrated when they were late to work (more important). When their significant other cheats on them, a character might be irate or furious (major issue).

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What a great demograpic! I think that it really makes it clear how to express an emotion and not be repetitive! Good work!

Some great synonyms here – really useful! One to pin! I know I’m guilty of overusing the same few words over and over again without expanding my vocabulary!

I often get stuck in a cycle of over using the same words. I love the variety!

It is great to broaden my vocabulary.

An interesting read and it’s true there are more word choices for us. I know that I use the same ones more than I should so hello synonyms. Time to remember that my vocabulary is more extensive than I show.

Love this infographic. Lol. We do get emotions from the emojis.