Indie Publishing Options

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Assisted Publishing

Main Characteristics:

  • Often referred to as a “vanity publisher.”
  • Better royalties than traditional publishing but less than self-publishing.
  • Author must pay upfront fee for a package of services.
  • Service provider will only do what has been paid for.
  • Any and all work is accepted, regardless of content/quality.


  • Author doesn’t have to find services.
  • Author only needs to be able to write a check or make a credit card payment.


  • You get what you pay for.
  • Publisher tries to sell you services you “must” have, which have little value.
  • Books published this way are often seen as lower quality.
  • Some publishers have a poor reputation, which may reflect on the author.

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Which would you recommend? Great to see the options. They are all have their downsides and big benefits x

This is such valuable information! I self published the very year it came out and wish I had waited. It was such a new thing back then but now it is more the norm. I am glad to see this updated information on the options in case I want to publish again!

For me, I’d rather go for the publisher option as I’m not really sure what I would be doing if I did it myself. Al they help with the marketing and distribution and I could do with the extra help there.

I’ve actually considered writing a book and hadn’t thought of all these options for when it is finally finished. Thankyou for sharing this!