Finding a “Good” Editor


3) Sample Edit
Does the editor provide a sample edit? How many words? Is the sample edit free? If the editor charges for the sample edit, what is the cost? If the editor charges for the sample edit, is this cost deducted from the total editing fee if you choose the editor?

The sample edit is used for the editor to determine an editing rate based on the author and manuscript. The sample edit will also provide the author with an example of the editor’s work.

4) Editing Process
How does the editor provide the service? Are Microsoft Word Track Changes and Comments features used? What is the average turnaround time? Does the editor provide updates during editing? What does the editor require from you before, during, and after editing?

5) Communication
What type and level of communication do you need? Is the editor available via e-mail, Internet chat programs (e.g., Facebook messenger, Skype), phone calls, and/or text messages? The communication process starts before you choose your editor. Does the editor respond in a timely fashion (usually within 2-4 business days) of your initial editing inquiry?

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I wonder what a reasonable range for an editor would be.
Very nice article.

Amor Libris (Kelly Hartigan)

Thank you, Amy. It’s hard to give an estimate on a reasonable range. What one person considers reasonable, another person might consider expensive. As stated above, there are a variety of factors that can affect price. One that isn’t mentioned is the length of the manuscript. Do you have a price range that you would consider reasonable for a manuscript of a particular length?

Good article. This is a lot to think about when picking an editor.

Useful article, editing is a a really tricky business…

You gave excellent coverage to this topic. Your series is very helpful.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Amor Libris (Kelly Hartigan)

Thank you, Arlee. This is my first time participating in the A to Z Challenge. I’m glad to hear that people are finding my posts in this series to be helpful.

You’re right, price should never be a deciding factor in any purchase. It’s all about value.

This is absolutely right. I hate when people assume that we have lower quality, because of lower prices. I love this article. <3