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Author Francis H. PowellToday’s author interview is with the talented Francis H. Powell, author of Flight of Destiny.

Please welcome Francis H. Powell to XterraWeb ~Books & More~. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Before we get started, we would like to thank Francis for taking the time to give us this interview.

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Amor Libris: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Francis H. Powell: Born in a commuter belt city called Reading and like many a middle- or upper-class child of such times, I was shunted off to an all-male boarding school at the age of eight, away from my parents for periods of up to twelve weeks at a time, until I was seventeen.

While at my first Art college I met a writer called Rupert Thomson, who was at the time in the process of writing his first book, Dreams of Leaving, through a friend. He was a bit older than myself, me being fresh out of school, but his personality and wit resonated despite losing contact with him. I had a stint living in Austria, where I began writing. It wasn’t until I moved to Paris, that my writing began to truly evolve. I discovered a magazine called Rat Mort (dead rat), and I sent off a short story in the hope it would match the seemingly dark world the magazine seemed to embroiled in. I got no answer. Not put off, I sent two more stories. Finally I got an answer. It seemed the magazine editor was a busy man, a man prone to travelling. It seemed my first story really hit the right note with him. His name was Alan Clark. I began writing more and more short stories, some published on the Internet.

Amor Libris: What is your favorite motivational phrase, and why?

Francis H. Powell: I am not sure it’s a motivational phrase but…

“Get up, stand up, stand up for your right.
Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight.”

~Words by Bob Marley

Amor Libris: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Francis H. Powell: As you can see from my first answer, I come from quite a creative background. I still paint and make sculptures (from found objects, that I find around Paris). I have a YouTube channel, the Flight of Destiny YouTube channel.

I work as a teacher and work in different universities and some Architecture schools around Paris. I write music (electronic) with my computer, and I also make videos, which I post on my YouTube channel.

Recently, a friend, who has adopted a character called Lord Lupine, agreed to do a reading of one of my short stories Bugeyes with his Lord Lupine persona … Lord Lupine seems to like sherry and seems a debauched lord. The video is very Monty Pythonesque. I have been described as a renaissance man, and I try my hand at many creative activities. I have also written poetry and had it published.

Amor Libris: What books and/or authors have influenced you the most?

Francis H. Powell: I love the work of Rupert Thomson, who wrote Dreams of Leaving, as well as other books. I met him when I was a new student at Art College, and he and his writing have made a long-lasting impression on me. My style of short stories was influenced by Roald Dahl, (I loved Kiss, Kiss, which I read as a child.). I like to include a dramatic twist at the end of the story.

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