Susan Faw – Author Interview

Amor Libris: Are there any new authors who have caught your attention?

Susan Faw: There is a brilliant indie author by the name of Melissa Phail who has an imaginative fantasy series out called Cephrael’s Hand. It’s a must read if you enjoy fantasy.

Amor Libris: Can you share the title and blurb of your latest book?

Susan Faw: My latest book, which just went live on April 20, 2017, is Soul Sacrifice, the final installment of The Spirit Shield Saga.

The underworld writhes. Terror unleashed. Souls enslaved.

The Spirit Shields with memories returned are plunged into a conflict older than mankind. The pending battle pits family against spirit and flesh. The godlings face off for ultimate control of the souls of the dead, each with their own agenda, for there is no love lost between these siblings.

Helga, goddess of the underworld, tightens her hold on those who hold the key to ultimate victory. Meanwhile, Avery struggles to convince her sister Artio that unless they become allies they will fail in their misaligned quest. Cayden, with the aid of Brimstone, struggles to fulfill a destiny prophesied since their original deaths long ago.

Can four warring siblings find peace and forgiveness? Or will they battle to the end of the world, sacrificing all living souls in the conflict?

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the Spirit Shield Saga!

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Amor Libris: Who is your favorite character from your latest book, and why?

Susan Faw: Helga’s diabolical scheming and unrelenting focus on her own desires make her a very delicious antagonist. Tea party, anyone?

Amor Libris: Are any of the characters and/or experiences in your books based upon yourself or someone you know?

Susan Faw: There is inspiration everywhere, if you only have eyes to see. I think I needed to write this series as I have struggled to come to terms with my mother’s death in 2009. I long to know that she is okay and that there is something beyond the grave, that our souls, the essence of who we are, is not lost forever, on death.

Amor Libris: Can you share with us about what you are working on now or your next project?

Susan Faw: My latest project is an ambitious twelve-book series entitled The Heart Of The Citadel and will center around twenty children, chosen for their magical abilities at birth and given crystal hearts to set them apart. When the female heart bearers are snatched away in the middle of the night, the provinces suspect their closest neighbours of the kidnapping, throwing the world into chaos and civil war. But there is a larger plan afoot. This book will feature dragons and Djinn.

Amor Libris: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Susan Faw: Write what you love. There is a market for any kind of literature. Write what you love, and it will reflect in the pages. You will need that passion for the tough times, for even the greatest of books need careful pruning and editing. Do yourself a favour and write your passion. It is the intangible something that creates the magic of an award-winning author.

Amor Libris: How can we contact you and find out more about you and your books?

Susan Faw:

Twitter: @susandfaw
Facebook: Author Susan Faw
Instagram: Susan Faw Author

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Thank you for the interview, Kelly 🙂

wow, what a great way to get into the author’s mind! I love learning about what inspires other people!