My Most Precious One by Evangelene – Review


My Most Precious One by Evangelene** (2 stars) Difficult to get into with flat characters and confusing dialogue/paragraphs

I really tried to get into this story, but the theme of rich man/poor woman coupled with a mother who tells her daughter what kind of man she will be with has been overdone. Parts of the story were reminiscent of a movie, and I felt like I had read sections of this book in the past.

Lexi is Greek, and her family is depicted as a stereotypical Greek family – always in her business, dictating what she should or should not do, and her mother constantly putting guilt trips on her and telling her that she needs to do things the “Greek way.”

The main characters, Lexi and Lukas, seem flat and without development or growth. Lukas is a wealthy business man, and of course, he has an alpha personality and secrets. Lexi is constantly up and down. She never seems to know what she wants and resolves problems immaturely by running away or ignoring people. I had a difficult time connecting with the characters and seeing them as being genuine for their depicted ages and careers.

I tried to get into this story, but it was made even more difficult because it was hard at times to tell who words, thoughts, and actions belonged too. Actions with dialogue were often repetitive, and the characters were frequently smiling and flinching when speaking. In addition to this difficulty, there were several editing-related issues that I couldn’t get past. I ignored minor issues like typos, but I couldn’t get past paragraphs and sentences that misused verb tenses and made no sense. I found myself re-reading pages at a time trying to figure what was going on, who was speaking, and whose head I was in.

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