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***** (5 stars) Enthralling Read of Love and Relationships

Book Cover of Connected Hearts by Danice Akiyoshi
Connected Hearts by Danice Akiyoshi is an extremely well-written and enthralling read of love and relationships. The focus is on two sisters, Megan and Cavi, who have an exceptionally close bond. Not only do we see romantic love in the relationships Megan and Cavi find, but we also see love between sisters, between a mother and her children, and between friends. Ms. Akiyoshi weaves a tale so beautifully written and captivating that I was completely drawn into the story. Every character in the book had a purpose and in some way, all of their lives intertwined with one another.

All of the characters are amazingly well-developed and their experiences (whether good or bad) were full of depth and emotion. The portrayal of the characters, their experiences, and emotions made the characters not only become “real” to me, but I felt that I knew them, and I could see myself in both Megan and Cavi. I bonded with Megan and Cavi so much, that when they experienced things, I felt like I was living their experiences with them – I felt their emotions when they felt them – laughter, angry, happiness, and sadness. When the girls cried, I was crying with them.

Connected Hearts was different from many books that I have read lately, but in a good way. It was a joy to read a book that was so beautifully well-written and full of characters that experienced emotions and events that I myself have experienced. While the book did have a great ending, the whole book was written in such a way that there are more stories to be told about Megan and D.J., Cavi and Aaron, Grace, Gretchen, Sean, and Sela. If Ms. Akiyoshi were to write more books continuing from Connected Hearts, I would not only read them myself, but highly recommend this book and any other books to other people.

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