Heart of Light by T.K. Leigh – Review

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Heart Of Light by T.K. Leigh*** (3 stars) Agree with increasing awareness, but not how the message was delivered

I understand the author is trying to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking, but I don’t agree with the way she went about it. Yes, I agree it is important to share the message that this can and does happen, but it should not be romanticized.

I had issues with the contradictions in the personality of Jolene. She often seemed to have multiple personalities. She alternated between being broken, fearful, and crying, and being strong and feisty. She avoided and feared being touched, and then she craved being touched. A vicious, brutal man, who abused her in many ways, held Jolene in captivity for ten years, and she finally escaped. As someone who has been abused, I don’t find it believable that a woman who lived through this would jump into bed with the first man who came along and said a kind word to her.

The man Jolene jumps into bed with? Her psychiatrist, Cameron. It is unethical, wrong, and unprofessional for a psychiatrist to get involved with a patient. He should know better than to get involved with a patient, especially one who has been through a severe trauma and has so many issues. I had many issues with this relationship in the story. I would certainly hope that my son’s psychiatrists and therapists never take advantage of his emotional and mental state in the way that Cameron took advantage of Jolene.

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Pandora Wild Child by Sunniva Dee – Review

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Pandora, Wild Child by Sunniva Dee Cover Reveal on XterraWeb Books & More***** (5 stars) Will you open Pandora’s Box? An emotional read – wild and driven!

I can’t help but think of Pandora’s Box, and what a box Pandora has! For this Pandora, opening the box is symbolic of many things, good and bad. Her box is full of mistakes, entrapment, freedom, choices, self-discovery, growth, and love.

Pandora Wild Child is quite the emotional read. Pandora is wild and driven. She is rebellious, yet has lived a sheltered childhood with overly strict parents. College is her first taste of freedom, and she intends to enjoy it; however, how far is too far?

Sunniva Dee does a beautiful job capturing Pandora’s emotions. Pandora often fights internal battles and is constantly testing limits. Pandora never had an opportunity to explore who she is, and takes advantage of her freedom to do so. Unfortunately, Pandora doesn’t always look at the big picture and consider that her actions can have consequences for her and her medical condition or for others in her life.

The chemistry and relationship between Pandora and the other characters is amazing. Pandora’s best friends provide her with support, lift her spirits, and often are the voice of reason for Pandora. It is easy to see the love these friends have for one another. They are true friends, and remind me of some of my very dear and close friends.

Things start to get interesting for Pandora when two men come into her life. She meets Dominic and Leon, who have both set their sights on her. Pandora doesn’t think things through, and finds herself caught in an inadvertent love triangle between Dominic, who she thought would be a one-night stand, and Leon, who is a “bad boy” with a bit of an intense dark side.

Both men are hot, and Pandora doesn’t know whom she should choose. Leon draws Pandora in with her rebellious, adventuresome spirit that has been kept trapped by her parents for years, and Dominic not only helps her with the pain from her medical condition, but also turns into her anchor and grounds her.

Sunniva blew me away with the depth of emotion felt by the characters and how Pandora’s relationships with her friends and the two men in her life grew and developed. You are pulled into Pandora’s story and find yourself caught between yelling at Pandora for the choices she is making and wanting to hug her and help her find her way. Will you open Pandora’s Box and find out what is waiting in store for Pandora Wild Child?

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